Misty Copeland, From Ballerina to Brand

Misty Copeland, currently a soloist with the American Ballet Theater (ABT), has always been exceptional. The beautiful dancer is unique in many ways: she was late to the game, is only the third African American soloist in ABT history and dances with a strength that is made possible by her visibly toned muscles.


Misty began dancing at the age of 13, and was named the Best Young Dancer in the Greater Los Angeles Area only 2 years later. In 2000, a mere 4 years after Misty began dancing, she was awarded a full scholarship to the ABT Summer Intensive Program. At the end of this program, she was offered a spot with the company.

In addition to her role as a soloist at ABT, Misty has also worked with the likes of Ne-Yo and Prince, among others. While many dancers are content with their careers, Misty has widened her reach. This dancer has transformed herself into both a beautiful, stunning ballerina and a national brand.

On a regular basis Misty’s work includes endorsements for dancewear companies Block, LavAzza, Sansha and Capezio, as well as BlackBerry, Payless and Proactive. Giving back the community is extremely important to Misty, and her causes include the Boys and Girls Club, the Sean James Student Athlete Foundation, BET Leading Women Defined, and TedTalks.


The summer of 2014 was the Summer of Misty, with both a national campaign with Under Armour and a spot as guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance’s 11th season. Her position as a judge was a win-win situation: this was a visible place for Misty to be during the height of the Under Armour campaign, while her presence lent a large dose of credibility to the show.


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