Taking the Time

Taking the Time | Taylor K Flynn

In middle and high school, volunteering my time was second nature. Between Honor Society’s mandatory hours, Girl Scouts and helping in Mom’s classroom, I spent a lot of my time assisting others.

My first three years of college, I gave back through Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a national organization that raises dogs to assist those who are blind or have visual impairments. They also have an autism support program and dogs who are not suited to guide work often serve as police dogs.

After leaving this organization during senior year, I was no longer volunteering my time to a cause I felt strongly about. I was able to let this slide during my last two semesters, constantly reminding myself that I was busy and needed to focus on myself. That was okay, but there was definitely a hole in my life.

As a member of corporate America, I often lack the feeling that my job makes a difference, accentuating my belief that I need to revisit the idea of taking time to give back.

Last weekend I spent one morning helping at our church’s annual rummage sale, packing leftover clothes and dishes for missionaries. It felt good. The time away from volunteering made me appreciate so much more how important giving my time is.

September is a time of new beginnings, and this September I am committing to sharing my time and talents with organizations I am passionate about. My goal is to be spending one day a month taking the time to give back. I’m looking forward to the next day I spend helping others!

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