Let’s Do This

You know those hours, days, weeks where you’re feeling inspired by everything you see and hear and read? I’m having one of those weeks and I’m not going to let it go to waste!

Most importantly, I finally made this a real blog! While I was job hunting, I used this website as a platform to put my work in one place, while also including a blog (which I actually started for a class in college). Now that I’m employed, I’ve found that I really love sharing my thoughts and photos here, even if no one reads them. So, welcome to the new Succulents & Sunnies, a place I’ve dedicated for documenting my travels, thoughts and inspiration. Stay tuned for a logo!

I also recently signed up for Canva for work, because we’re (hopefully) starting to get serious about content marketing and the power of social sharing. An article from their blog by Jessica Safko about social media images landed in my inbox and got me seriously excited about some really incredible visuals for both my personal social channels as well as other projects I’m working on. Also, how did I not know #moodboardmondays existed? I’m in love!

The featured image on this post is thanks to Canva, which, if you’re looking for cool designs but aren’t an InDesign guru, could definitely be for you.

A few other wonderful things that are keeping me fired up this week:

  • I went to the gym EVERY DAY this week. It’s amazing how much just a half hour of moving around can improve your mood.
  • A bible study pearl of wisdom: Sometimes, we overlook or discount sources of wisdom, simply because of our personal biases. (Thanks Anna, not only for this nugget, but also always reading my posts!)
  • Yesterday, I took time to focus on me, drinking delicious coffee at Steamworks, one of my new favorite places, before a massage.

What has you inspired lately? I’m always looking for new creators, writers, photographers, marketers, activists and big thinkers for insight, encouragement and motivation!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do This”

  1. Great blog and wishing you great success!

    You may already be aware of this site; however, I highly recommend BrainPickings: https://www.brainpickings.org. Maria Popov is quite expressive, impressive and informing across many disciplines and areas. She pushes out her readings every Sunday.




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