#sadsznfieldtrip: Tipico Coffee and Hoyt Lake

Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park covered in snow at sunrise

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, for better or worse, but I am very cognizant of who I follow and what they share. One of my favorite follows is Maggie, the person behind @coffeeandcardio. She talks about coffee and workouts and hiking, as well as mental health and building good habits.

This winter, she’s sharing some easy, pandemic-friendly ways to give yourself a boost of serotonin. I took her up on what she calls a #sadsznfieldtrip, a pre-work trip that combines good coffee and nature. I left the house after ordering a dirty chai latte from Tipico Coffee, picking it up from their colorful Elmwood Ave. shop a little after 7 am.

One of my favorite places in Buffalo is Hoyt Lake, which is conveniently located between Tipico and our apartment. Coffee in hand, I walked from the Albright Knox to the History Museum and back as the sun rose over the lake. From The Terrace to the Japanese Garden, everything looked extra beautiful kissed by the early morning sun. Even the Scajaquada was pretty as the morning’s commuters drove through the park.

Even in 15° weather, I wasn’t alone. Plenty of hardy Buffalonians were out jogging and walking their dogs. The trip was short (and even then I couldn’t feel my fingers by the end of it) but exactly what I needed to make my WFH week a little less monotonous.

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