Here’s How I Want to be Inspired this Year

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Last year was hard. A lot of good things happened: we bought a house; we got married; we expanded our family by eight very furry paws. But I also lost two grandparents and got incredibly burnt out trying to make our house livable in five weeks and spent a lot of time worrying about our new senior dogs’ health. We didn’t have the time to travel or enjoy our new backyard or spend all that much time with friends.

This year is going to be different. Because I’m going to make it that way. This year, I want to feel excited about and delighted by my life. This year, I want to be inspired, in more ways than one.

I want to be inspired by my spaces.
We’re homeowners! And while it sucks when the furnace repair man completely kills your heat while troubleshooting, homeownership also means creating spaces you love. We are so darn close to having a living room, bathroom, bedroom and guest room that reflect who we are and how we spend time in our home. I know there’s always more to be done, but this feels like a step in the right direction after making things livable last year.

I want to be inspired by new (and old) places.
When you’re renovating and wedding planning, you don’t leave the area code much. This year we’re back on weekend road trips and are beginning to think about a honeymoon. While I doubt we’ll ever return to our pre-pandemic level of travel, it feels good to have some trips to look forward to.

I want to be inspired by my outfit.
I turn 30 this year, and that seems like an appropriate time to really love the clothes looking back at me when I open my closet. I’m slowly ordering updated basics and splurging a little bit on staples like a new laptop bag and wedding guest dresses.

I want to be inspired to create and contribute.
Last year, I did a lot of consuming. Mindless scrolling while I ate or waited for the shower that didn’t really serve any purpose but killing time and taking my mind off my to do list. This year, I want to do things and think things and curate things that make me excited to share.

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