Hey there.

I’m Taylor, a twenty-something Buffalonian obsessed with cute coffee shops, fall in upstate New York and weekend road trips. Succulents and Sunnies is my favorite place to share these adventures and more with family, friends and fellow Buffalovers.

Get to Know Me | Succulents and Sunnies | Taylor K. Flynn

I grew up in a small town between Buffalo and Rochester, where I learned to dance, ride a horse and love country music. After joining yearbook club in high school, I discovered how much I love documenting memories and sharing stories.

This discovery led me to Ithaca College. I majored in integrated marketing communications while simultaneously finishing dance and psychology minors, eating a lot of brunch, hiking gorges, and meeting some of my best friends.

It was for a digital marketing class that I started this blog, although it wasn’t called Succulents and Sunnies then. After I found my first job after college, I started to think about what my blog could be now that it didn’t need to be a snapshot of my education. A random coffee shop photo that included, you guessed it, a succulent and a pair of sunglasses, inspired a new name: Succulents and Sunnies.

Succulents and Sunnies has never been about creating popular content or writing about a specific topic. I enjoy sharing what I’m up to with the world because I still love to document memories, just like I did in high school yearbook club. I write for a living, so that part of blogging is squarely within my comfort zone. I’m by no means a photographer, videographer or model, but I’m definitely learning and that’s part of the fun!

Thanks for stopping by my small corner of the world. If you’re new here, take a minute visit some of my favorite posts, including this one about two of my favorite things: fall and Buffalo-made beer; one about Penn Yan, the small FLX town where my parents grew up; and a post with my thoughts on the amazing Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

*The views expressed on this website are mine and mine alone and do not express the view of my employer.

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