A Stocking Stuffed by Small Businesses

Stockings hanging in the living room

Stockings might be one of my favorite holiday traditions. I just love all the itty-bitty gifts. In my family, stocking stuffers lean toward the practical: nicer-than-usual lotion, pens, chocolate, and hair ties are staples.

These goodies usually come from big-box stores at (almost) the last minute—but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s totally possible to stuff your loved ones’ stockings with goods made and sold by small businesses in Buffalo and beyond. These small businesses make some of the tiny items I’ve loved throughout this year.

the budl shop


Shopping small is even better when you know the business owners you’re supporting! A college classmate recently started the budl shop, making dainty, desert-inspired jewelry perfect for stuffing stockings. Each piece is handmade with love in Los Angeles and shipped nationwide in zero-waste, 100% sustainable packaging.

If you’re looking to stuff a stocking or two with the budl shop this season, use code ANDSUNNIES10 now through December 31st to save 10%!



Whether your loved ones are proud Buffalonians living within the city limits or they flaunt their love for the City of Good Neighbors from afar, Poppiejanes’ ornaments make the perfect stocking stuffers. Last year, I topped my coworkers’ gifts with these little guys too!

Zandra Beauty


Zandra Beauty lotion in my stocking

My skin is very sensitive, so I’ve been experimenting with soaps and lotions this fall. I love the light texture and sweet scent of Zandra Beauty’s lavender vanilla chai hand and body lotion. It’s handmade with organic ingredients, making it a nice treat for your loved ones, without breaking your stocking stuffing budget.

Niland Candle Co.


Niland Candle Co. says nothing sets the mood like lighting a candle, and I can’t agree more—especially during the holidays. The shop’s unique holiday scents, like spruce and balsam + cranberry, are the perfect stocking stuffers. My mom and sister found these in their stockings last year, and they’ll probably make an appearance again this season!

The English Rose Tea Shoppe

instagram.com/theenglishroseteashoppe/ / facebook.com/The-English-Rose-Tea-Shoppe

Loose leaf tea in my stocking

Loose leaf tea is something I rarely buy for myself but love finding in my stocking. Medina’s The English Rose Tea Shoppe has just about any variety of tea you can imagine, in whatever quantity you’re looking to gift.

High Mowing Organic Seeds


High Mowing Seeds in my stocking

With some extra time on my hands last spring, I started many of the plants in my garden from seed. With this winter and spring looking just as socially distanced and travel-free as last year, I’ll be nurturing seedlings in our living room again. High Mowing Organic Seeds’ cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce were very easy to grow, even in pots along our sidewalk.

Staving Artist Woodwork


Staving Artist Woodwork, based in Penn Yan, uses wine barrels to create gorgeous tables, centerpieces, and serving trays. Most of the shop’s statement pieces won’t fit in a stocking, but they have lots of tasteful, high-quality, affordable, and useful knickknacks that are perfect for stuffing the stocking of your favorite wine connoisseur or Finger Lakes lover.

Kindled Concepts


While Kindled Concepts’ adorable stocking tags might not be great for stuffing stockings, this small business knows how to make the stockings themselves very, very cute. They are a new addition to our holiday décor this year, and I’m obsessed! This husband-and-wife team also makes custom ornaments, cute coasters, and other goodies that will, in fact, make great stocking stuffers!

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  1. Thank you for including my shop (The English Rise Tea Shoppe) in your wonderful article!!! And a HUGE “Thanks “ to everyone that is “Shopping Small” this year! ❤️☕️🎄

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